LEGGITT ASSOCIATES Corporate Communications

Understanding the emotion created through brand awareness is key in building the appropriate brand program. Through identities and logos, a complete brand is created. Branding encompasses the perceived emotional corporate image as a whole. A ‘brand’ as an organization, service or product with a ‘personality’ is shaped by the perceptions of the audience.

Connecticut Hospital Association Brand Refresh
Connecticut Hospital Association program logo
Pharma Program Logo
Storytelling Group Identity
Animal Hospital Identity
Fashion Accessories Benefit Ball Logo
Norwalk Land Trust Identity
Ridgefield Academy Logo
Excell Share Group Identity
POP Coupons Identity
Groupworks Identity
Marenzana Realty Group Identity
City of Norwalk 350th Anniversary Identity
Accessories Council Identity
Roth & Tompkins Textiles Identity
Rising Paper Company Excellence Award Identity
Pfizer Pharmaceuticals Annual Fish Harvest Event Identity
Garelick & Herbs Identity Signage